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LIVE event at the Olympia National Hall in west London.Mrs Baff-Black, 49, a local government officer, – who was inspired to take a DNA test after seeing the British athlete Colin Jackson do the same thing in the BBC ancestry series Who Do You Think You Are? "It might even have been what gave my parents their interest in genealogy.The findings came after a sample of DNA from Haley's nephew Chris Haley matched that of his distant cousin June Baff-Black, who lives in Wales and whose shared lineage starts in 17th century Scotland.Until recently, Chris Haley had only word of mouth family history to show that his great, great-grandfather had been born of an African slave mother and white Scottish father, both of whom lived and worked on a slave plantation in the US.Each one a unique, magnificent and 'touchable' piece of history CLICK HERE to learn more Scottish heather is another beautiful, and natural, Scottish symbol which is famous around the world.

Chris Haley, from Washington DC, was introduced to Ms Baff-Black, who lives in South Wales, for the first time on Saturday at the Who Do You Think You Are?

But of course I had no idea I was linked in some way to his ancestors. "Chris and I have got so much in common – from what we like to the way we write and the fact we both love theatre." Mr Haley, 46, an actor and slavery historian, said: "I wish Alex had had DNA technology at his disposal.